Promotional video

In real estate marketing with video promo offers the best results:

  • evolved visitors, list of videos on Youtube and shared on social networks.
  • 85 percent of buyers and sellers prefer an agent who produces videos.
  • properties with videos get contacts 4 times higher than those who do not.
  • include videos in emails doubles the percentage of clicks and increases the interest.

Casa Romita

Casale Casella

Casale S.Antonio

video details

Sometimes, in order to have a better understanding of properties, it is advisable to produce videos that can particularly describe elements that characterize buildings, external spaces and pertinences of a real estate complex.

Tenuta Pasanisi

Tenuta Selvapiana

Casale Marinelli

technical features

Video footage of the technical features of a building, to best illustrate issues, or peculiarities, to keep in mind.

Villa Fiorenza

Villa Collemanno

Casale Erenara