core value

meet the expectations of our customers

We are our customers’ allies. Always focused on their needs, their needs and their ambitions to offer a service that meets their expectations. Integrity is the core value of DIONISI, we are honest and transparent in our relationships with customers, staff, colleagues and partners. Trust and mutual respect are the founding principles of our business and we believe that there can be no trust without transparency and responsibility towards one’s client. Therefore we have always acted in respect of these values, aware that it is in the interest of the Company, of those who support us and of those we support.

technological innovation, quality and professional excellence

To be always close to the needs of our customers, to accompany company growth, to guarantee the quality of our services and business processes, we invest constantly in technological innovation, in the search for new tools and in updating the working method..

staff continuous training

It is from the characteristics and peculiarities of each person that the quality of our group is born, and it is by investing in continuous training that we intend to enhance the qualities of each one..

respect and protection of enviroment

The strategy of social and environmental responsibility of DIONISI is developed on the principles of protection and enhancement of the Italian cultural and landscape heritage through the use of construction techniques and local materials, in full compliance with the regulations concerning architectural heritage, landscape, building safety and of people..