DIONISI DESIGN is a group of professionals expert in italian rural architecture and prestigious buildings of the countryside.

Used for years to interact with domestic and foreign customers, we will be able to assist you in every phase of the design.

building consent

The verification of Building Consent allows to verify the correspondence between the factual status of the building and the different authorizations that allowed it to be built.

DIONISI DESIGN checks the urban conformity both for seller, in order to achieve a valid analysis of the real market value, and for buyer, aiming to a clear identification of any works to be carried out.

building analysis

Building diagnostic investigations are primarily intended to check the state of preservation and efficiency from a structural point of view.

The result of the survey, allows to identify defects in construction and phenomena of degradation and instability that may effect the individual materials or the products of the construction process, allowing to purpose appropriate solutions to the problem detected.

design and cost analysis

DIONISI DESIGN is able to deal with the entire design process from the concept phase to the executive drawings that allow, together with a scrupulous analysis of costs, the construction of the project.